Become an Oral Fitness Coach & Implant Safe Coach

The central importance of dental hygiene and prophylaxis

In the future, prophylaxis will become the control center in the modern practice.
This is because predictive diagnostics and secondary prevention measures (lasers) will play a much more important role in practice in the future.

As an Implant Safe Coach and / or Oral Fitness Coach, you are ideally equipped for these new challenges. We keep you up to date on current standards in dental hygiene and prevention and give you clear recommendations for action in your daily work.

With the Implant Safe Coach and / or Oral Fitness Coach seal of quality you underline your competence in the team and towards patients.

Oral-systemic health: mouth and body form one unit

Just as there is the gut-brain axis, there is the mouth-body axis, which we in dentistry call the oral-systemic connection or - our colleagues in the USA - the mouth-body connection.

Meanwhile, there are countless studies on numerous diseases in the fields of cardiovascular, metabolism, autoimmune diseases, fertility, etc., which prove the connection between oral and physical health.

Oral Fitness: Dentistry of the Future is Personalized, Predictive and Preventive

In the USA, "oral fitness" is a standing term in dental treatment. What is standard in the USA will also become established in this country and more than 50% of future practice revenues will be realized with preventive therapies. This opens up extremely attractive prospects for patients as well as for practices and their teams.

As an Oral Fitness Coach, you will show your expertise in the field of oral fitness.

Implant Safety: 30 years of inflammation-free implants - (how) is that possible ?

Until now, a 15-year life span of implants was sufficient. In the meantime, however, the average age of implant patients has dropped to 50 years.

At the same time, life expectancy increased to over 83 years - thus personalized sustainability concepts will make the decisive difference in implantology. Modern predictive diagnostics and prevention make lifelong healthy and inflammation-free dental implants possible.

With your expertise, you actively contribute to healthy dental implants, satisfied patients and better patient adherence.

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