A person is attached to every tooth - Prevention and prophylaxis - Oral fitness

Senator in the Health Senate Dr. Dr. Astrid Windels-Pietzsch with an article in the Rödl & Partner newsletter.

Understanding bone metabolism and treating it successfully

Working together for sustainable health and well-being

oral-systemic bridge-building

Cooperation certificate Foundation-DMS

The future of dentistry has already begun

New study results: aMMP-8 early detection diagnostics now makes dental implants even safer

Periodontology: Forensic safety through documentation of findings

Disruptive technologies open up new horizons for dentistry and implantology

Health Senate and Senate of Economy decide on ideal partnership

The heart of the matter – Nina Garlo explores the link between oral health and heart health

Lifelong healthy dental implants - wish or reality?

This question was addressed by international experts at the 7th Interdisciplinary Congress "The Mouth Body Connection". DMS was actively involved and met with great approval from experts and visitors with its actions and concepts "I Love My Implant", "ImplantSafe Center" and interdisciplinary oral health.

Protective effect of the oral immune barrier

Dentist Dr. Ralf Lauenstein and his team have faced many changes in recent months.

Health begins in the mouth!

DMS Ambassador Dr. Burbach informs patients about the importance of periodontal screening - health starts in the mouth!

aMMP-8: An endogenous enzyme opens the door to viruses

Solingen, March 04, 2021 - The name is inconspicuous, but the enzyme aMMP-8 has it all: It cuts protective proteins that the body uses to seal openings between cells against pathogens. A special setting for this destructive work is the oral cavity - of all places, the place where most viruses, including coronaviruses, enter...

More corona deaths due to poor oral hygiene

Solingen, Germany, January 15, 2021 - A new British study shows that people with swollen or bleeding gums have up to a 70% higher risk of dying from COVID-19 infection. (1) This shows how important a healthy oral cavity is in the fight against the virus. For a long time, dentist Prof. Roland Frankenberger (University of Marburg) and diabetologist Prof. Andreas Pfützner (Pfützner Science & Health Institute, Mainz) have emphasized the importance...

Oral Immune System is the first defense front in COVID-19 times: Test immune system in 5-min now and keep the health!

Solingen, September 15, 2020 - The German Oral Health Foundation (DMS) and the diagnostics experts at dentognostics are jointly supporting German dental practices with a sponsorship of 25,000 aMMP8 tests for measuring the oral immune barrier on Dental Health Day...

Diabetes and COVID-19: Self-test now helps optimize oral immune defenses

Solingen, April 2020 - An effective barrier through the oral mucosa and an intact oral immune system are enormously important for protection against infection with SARS-CoV-2, according to a recent statement by Chinese scientists. At the same time, WHO warns of higher complication rates in diabetic patients with COVID-19 infection...

Oral health in the media: protecting against corona through oral hygiene

"Is my oral immune system fit enough to cope with the coronavirus?" asks patient Lars Frick. After a painless biochemical test and a close examination of the oral cavity, his dentist gives the all-clear. He stresses the importance of regular checkups, because a poorly maintained oral cavity is the entry point for bacteria and viruses in the first place, says Dr. Brachwitz.