Nach meinem Staatsexamen 1997 bin ich in die elterliche Praxis eingestiegen und habe mich von der ersten Stunde an auf zwei Bereiche gestürzt. Die Behandlung …

of phobic patients and the prevention of periodontal diseases. As early as 2004 we developed our own concept for professional teeth cleaning in my practice, had our own rooms and trained specialists who dealt exclusively with this. In the treatment of anxiety patients we have trained colleagues for over 10 years and look back on the treatment of over 5000 of these patients. Since 2016 I am the owner of the MVZ topDentis Cologne GmbH in Cologne. On over 650sqm we work here interdisciplinary with specialized colleagues and physiotherapists. Our prophylaxis department is the cornerstone of our treatments, because optimal prevention makes many treatments unnecessary. Oral health is still an essential component of our dental activities. As a PerioPrevention Center Cologne, we are in constant exchange with other medical and therapeutic colleagues in order to treat diseases as early and comprehensively as possible.
"Only those who treat with open eyes provide comprehensive and sustainable therapy".

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