Oral Health Days

What is Oral Health Day and what are its objectives?

The Oral Health Day serves to make health promotion in the company tangible and alive. Your employees have the opportunity to learn more about oral health topics, tooth preservation and dental prostheses. In addition, personal consultations with dentists and dental hygienists offer the opportunity to address the individual needs of the employee and provide impetus for action and implementation. The aim of an oral health day is to motivate employees to take responsibility for their own active oral hygiene and to anchor this awareness sustainably with regard to general health.  

What happens on Oral Health Day

In order to motivate employees and take a caring approach to their own oral health, it is important to focus on employees' oral health needs and questions. Impetus for raising awareness of healthier oral hygiene is ensured by informative and experience-centered short lectures by dentists and university professors (approx. 45 min.), which are intended to arouse enthusiasm for a more conscious approach to oral and dental health. Their primary purpose is to get your employees excited about the topic of oral health. In addition, they motivate participants to think about their own oral health and make a difference in their lives. To this end, we convey the latest scientific and relevant knowledge of dentistry in an exciting and engaging way. 

With active workshops (approx. 25 min.), awareness of the correct brushing techniques and interdental space care in home oral hygiene is raised and made tangible for the employee. Here your employees have the opportunity to ask questions that they would not dare to ask at the family dentist. Your employees also receive very specific recommendations on oral health measures that can be easily integrated into their private daily routine. Many of your employees would never try such offers on their own initiative. Due to the low-threshold nature of the measures, in many cases we even manage to appeal to the "dental and oral health slackers" and inspire them to continue the knowledge gained in the future.

The rapid test, which makes active periodontal inflammation visible to your employees, is undoubtedly the highlight at the Oral Health Day. Highly sensitive biomarker technology is used here for the health of your employees by means of a saliva test and immediate test result. In compliance with data protection and complete anonymity, your employees will have the opportunity to be tested and receive the result immediately. The evaluation is explained directly by a dentist in a personal conversation and the individual "referral letter" for the family dentist enables your employee that the individual prevention recommendation or therapy can also be implemented. 

The Oral Health Days Special

The limiting factor of oral health is almost always the affordability for the individual employee. Our practical tip: Announce the introduction of the employer-financed company health insurance " bKV-ZahnSpezial" on the Oral Health Day. We know from professional experience that this will far exceed the expected success and will be talked about positively in the company for a long time to come. 
With the appropriate bKV, you as an employer enable both private prevention and, if necessary, therapy. With the bKV-ZahnSpezial, the knowledge gained at the Oral Health Day can be implemented by your employees. If then for example 2-4 x p.a. a professional tooth cleaning or even dental prosthesis becomes necessary, this can also take place. Ideally, the relatives will also have access to your new bKV (at their own expense, of course) without a health check. This makes your oral health day another highlight - this time at your employee's home. In this way, your employee's partners and children also participate in the knowledge gained and the affordability.

"My employer gives me a smile" takes on a whole new dimension and your employees' appreciation is assured.

The costs of an oral health day depend on the number of participating employees. In order for the organizational and financial effort for the dental speakers and dental hygienists to pay off, between 100 and 150 employees should participate in the health day. Our recommendation here is: Let the employees apply for the oral health day - the interest will be greater than they suspect.

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