Thiemer Heermann Wattenscheid, dentist, Bochum,
Specialist for implants

Vita Thiemer Heermann Wattenscheid

Dr. Jörn Thiemer, MSc, MSc, MS (USA)



ZHK RWTH Aachen 1987-1993

Implantology training UCLA 1993/1994

Master of Science Implantology, Krems 2002-2005

Master of Science Oral surgery, 2008-2010

Master of Science Implantology, UCLA 2012

Foundation of practice for dentistry and implantology Bochum 1996

Merger with the Konfidents Group (later Zahneins) 2019

CEO Confidents 2020-2022

CDO Zahneins 2022-2023

CEO Zahneins, Central Region 2022-2023

Chairman Medical Board Konfidents/Zahneins 2019-2023

Advisory Board Member Economy 10xD (Digitization in Healthcare)


Motivation: From my many years of experience, I see precisely the deficits in the area of oral health and the often underestimated connections with general physical fitness, risk minimization and long-term prevention. The Foundation can play an important part in educating and improving; this is where I would like to contribute my knowledge and cooperation.

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Dr. Jörn Thiemer

Dr. Jörn Thiemer

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Tel.: 02327 - 239 73

Fax: 02327 - 106 99



Address: Günnigfelder Straße 25, 44866 Bochum, Germany