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Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

My name is Dr. Jürgen Schmitz. I am a dentist specializing in implantology and orthodontics in our joint practice "Zahngesundheit Frechen", especially if you have complex or difficult concerns. Together with dentist Yvonne Reinartz and dentist Maximilian von Kleinsorgen and a team of three other dedicated dentists, I am committed to maintaining, restoring and restoring the dental health of our patients. We are supported by highly trained and friendly assistants. You can obtain many general dentistry services from us. We also offer numerous specialized forms of dental care. We support you with prophylaxis and early detection as well as in-depth advice and individual treatment planning. The range of our specialized dental services primarily includes implantology, periodontology, endodontology, orthodontics and the very important diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint function. You can look forward to a warm atmosphere in which the friendly team of dental practitioners, dental and organizational assistants and in-house dental technicians will provide you with exemplary care. We take your wishes seriously and are passionate about tooth preservation and dental health.

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Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

Dr. Jürgen Schmitz

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