Dentist Dr. Markus Schadt

Dr. Markus Schadt, Dentist

Did you know that... - more teeth are lost due to periodontitis than due to caries?... - more than 50% of 31-44 year olds are affected by periodontitis? - numerous general diseases are closely linked to periodontitis? 30 million people in Germany are affected by periodontitis - 1.1 million are treated every year - we need 30 years to treat existing cases at this rate. Did you know that... - we can detect periodontitis with simple tests (aMMP-8) before the first clinical symptoms appear? - you can fight the tooth killer yourself? - we can help you to regenerate the affected bone? My story about the case of periodontitis: March 8, 2012: I stand in front of our medicine drawer in the morning and get my armada of different medications ready. At this moment, my wife says a crucial sentence: "Honey, you do realize that you are now taking more medication than my father."... Wow, that sunk in... My father-in-law was already almost 80 years old at this point. But what had happened? In May 2011, I had my seventh and most severe episode of chronic bowel disease to date. During a long stay in hospital, the medication was changed. The medication administered had side effects, which were treated with additional medication. These also had side effects - this gradually developed into the aforementioned medication armada with various health problems. I wanted to break this vicious cycle and searched the specialist literature for new ways to achieve this. During my research into chronic intestinal diseases, I kept coming across an old acquaintance from dentistry: periodontitis. Motivated by my own successes in the fight against ulcerative colitis, I decided to also follow the trail of our tooth killer. My goal: to fight periodontitis more successfully with the newly acquired knowledge and the newly discovered possibilities. But how? You can find out the results of my investigative work in the patient guidebook "Tatort Zahnfleisch-Parodontitis auf der Spur", published by Parocon Verlag., or you can contact us at

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