Dr. med. Hans-Dieter John, MSD

As a specialist in periodontology and implantology, I look back on almost thirty years of practice experience....
The big concern of almost all patients is 'how could bone loss occur, I go to the dentist regularly, do I have to have an operation now? Unfortunately, it is often the case that periodontal diagnostics only describe the obvious, such as bleeding gums or bone loss. For me, therefore, diagnostic procedures that give the patient a treatment and future perspective even before the onset of bone loss are of utmost importance. In combination with these predictive diagnostics, it is possible to achieve treatment success with much less invasive treatments, such as laser therapy and non-surgical therapies.

For years, this therapeutic approach has helped me to treat my patients in a proactive and gentle manner.

The slogan: Healthy starts in the mouth, which has been known for several years, allows me to point out the consequences of oral inflammation on the whole organism. These are among others influence heart disease, diabetes and rheumatoid diseases.

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