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How important is the long-term maintenance of your teeth - your health - to you in principle?
As a holistic dentist...
in the third generation, these questions have been on my mind for several years. The connections with our intestine, the oral as well as the entire microbiome were made clear to me by my own stroke of health fate. In addition, I observed that in many of my patients, despite good and optimal cooperation, the rapid progression of periodontitis could not be controlled, and at the same time the medical history sheets and medication lists became longer and longer.

"Every disease has its origin in the intestine" - Hippokrates
"Healthy starts in the mouth"

We regularly determine the biomarker a-MMP8 in my practice. We are convinced that this valuable tool for early detection is the key to preventive dentistry - both oral health and gut health are directly related.
As an ambassador of the Oral Health Initiative, I see the opportunity to convey my knowledge & this insight into the interrelationships to my patients and many colleagues in medicine, dentistry and other health professions, as a holistic basis for therapy concepts.
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