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Tassilo Pollmeier, Founder and Managing Director of the German bKV-Service

Tassilo Pollmeier is the founder and managing director of the German bKV-Service. He and his team have been creating individual health concepts with company health insurance in companies throughout Germany for over 20 years. They ensure that appreciation becomes long-term added value.

Company health insurance (bKV) is one way of retaining employees. The shortage of skilled workers is already being felt in some companies in Germany, which is why attracting and retaining skilled workers is of enormous importance. The bKV is an attractive benefit that employers can offer their employees.

Insight into the professional career:

  • 1995-1999: Regional Manager of Deutsche Bank
  • 1999-2006: General Representative Allianz
  • since 2007: Managing Director of Deutscher Zahnversicherungs Service
  • since 2007: Managing Director of Deutscher bKV-Service
  • since 2018: Expert Advisory Board of the German Oral Health Foundation - DMS
  • since Sept. 2023: Senator in the Health Senate / Senate of Economy
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Tassilo Pollmeier

Tassilo Pollmeier

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E-Mail: info@dbkvs.de

Web: www.dbkvs.de

Address: Deutscher bKV-Service GmbH & Co.KG, Düsseldorferstr. 38, 40721 Hilden