Healthy mouth, healthy body

The "Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body" campaign was the start of targeted information to a broad public to actively promote mouth & body health in Germany. The campaign was based on the approaches:

- Communicate information
- Promote interdisciplinary approaches and cooperate
- Take the initiative: Mouth & Body Maintain Health

The aim is to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between the fields of medicine and dentistry in order to jointly combat the world's most widespread chronic bacterial infectious disease (WHO Report: hidden Inflammation No.1 = periodontitis) and to reduce collateral interactions with common diseases such as diabetes, rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases as well as COPD, osteoporosis, uterine corpus carcinoma, prematurity and fertility disorders. The preservation of the economic performance potential of an aging population also represents an important economic factor. Due to the prolongation of working life, the preservation of the population's performance potential is of paramount importance - only a suitable strategy in the field of primary and secondary prevention as well as a consistent interdisciplinary cooperation can achieve this goal.


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