Love your implant!

Not only friendships want to be well maintained!

With proper care and continuous screening, your implants can now stay healthy and inflammation-free for much longer. Doubling the normal lifespan is now possible through new diagnostic procedures and targeted prevention. Here you will find important background information and valuable expert tips - healthy implants for life!

Dirk-Rolf Gieselmann

Dirk-Rolf Gieselmann

Board of Directors

Action: Test your implant!

Eine präventive Versorgung Deiner Implantate führt zu einer besseren Implantatgesundheit, weniger Komplikationen, einer längeren Tragedauer und Kosteneinsparungen von über 10.000€.  Die Deutsche Mundgesundheitsstiftung hat diese Lücke erkannt und führt deshalb eine deutschlandweite Aktion durch. Erhalte von unseren Implant Safe Centern ein kostenloses CheckUp und eine individuelle Prophylaxe.

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Did you know?

The average implant lifetime is currently approx. 15-20 years. Considering the absence of inflammation of the implants as an important health parameter, 2/3 of all implants show significant inflammation already after 9 years (peri-implant mucositis = collagen degradation at the implant neck Source: Derks study).

The goal of the I LOVE MY IMPLANT campaign is to increase inflammation-free implant longevity to 25-30 years through early detection and targeted prevention to promote the safety, health and sustainability of implant restorations.
Implants can cause considerable problems in the first few years if they are not cared for properly and attentively. If they are cared for regularly, they can last much longer and, with professional support from the dentist and regular check-ups, they can even last for more than 30 years.



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