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Chris Muhr is a serial entrepreneur and business fishing rod.

Based on his own experiences in the successful fight against cancer, he founded Patient21 in 2020 with the aim of reinventing outpatient care. His focus is on building a digital platform that helps to operate and connect clinics so that value-based healthcare finally becomes a reality.

Prior to Patient21, Chris was COO at Auto1 Group and led the company's international expansion. In 2021, Auto1 went public and was valued at €8 billion. Prior to that, he was best known as co-founder of Citydeal, which he successfully sold to Groupon in 2010. Chris also founded several other companies, including McMakler, HeavenHR and Endy Sleep, and is an investor in more than 40 venture capital-backed start-ups.

Prior to his professional career, he graduated from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL) and the Instituto de Empresa (IE) with a Master's degree in Financial Management.

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Christopher Muhr

Christopher Muhr

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