Dr. med. dent. M.Sc. Matthias Klum, Dentist, Periodontology, Esthetic Dentistry

"There is a person attached to every tooth." A phrase that was not much more than a shell for me during my studies, but has become increasingly relevant through my training and continuing education.
I have been intensively training myself for years, especially in the field of periodontology, and have placed the healthy mouth at the center of my work. Because only on a healthy foundation we can perform all aspects of modern dentistry.
In addition, I am intensively involved in the far-reaching and increasingly well-studied connections of oral diseases with general medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular diseases, as well as the benefits of interdisciplinary cooperation between the various medical specialties for the benefit of our patients. We as dentists play an important role in keeping our patients healthy as the "first line of prevention".
Today's findings require dentistry to be rethought, which calls for a rethinking of the traditionally strongly discipline-specific ways of working in medicine and dentistry, as well as an open dialogue between the various disciplines.
Away from "drill and fill" to the understanding of our field towards living oral medicine. This is where I would like to make my contribution.

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Dr. Matthias Klum

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