Dr. med. Harald Streit, dentist, Kois-Center Graduate

Dr. med. Harald Streit, Dentist, Kois-Center Graduate I have been a dentist with passion for 35 years. Together with my colleagues I have built up and developed the brand "dentaMEDIC" in Bad Neustadt/S. ...
The topic "life-long-learning" is a basic requirement for me to face the constantly changing conditions. I am especially proud to be part of a group of continuing education oriented dentists from all over the world as a "KOIS-CENTER-GRADUATE" (
Currently, the image of the dentist is changing more and more to that of a "doctor of oral medicine". Here, the often cited "looking beyond one's own nose" is of importance.
Building networks and exchanging ideas with medical colleagues from other specialist groups are important for spreading this new way of thinking in the minds of colleagues and among patients. As Prof. Dr. Frankenberger says: "Emphasize the 'M' more clearly. I would like to contribute to this.

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Dr. Harald Streit

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