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Dr. Ralf Lauenstein, dentist, implantologist, periodontist

Even as a student, the fire of enthusiasm in the subject of modern therapy possibilities in the...
subject of modern therapy possibilities in periodontal treatment / tooth preservation and prophylaxis burned in me.
For this reason, I regularly traveled to Munich and attended the training camps of the Private Institute for Periodontology and Implantology under the direction of Prof. Dr. Wachtel at that time.
Today, the focus is on an interdisciplinary approach.
Our specially created prophylaxis department makes it possible, for example by performing aMMP-8 measurements, to detect inflammatory processes in the mouth and treat them successfully.
A special feature of the practice and another pillar of our prophylaxis activities is the diabetes consultation.
Early consultation and treatment helps our patients to reduce the risk of secondary diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes or stroke, for example, many times over. Stabilization of the immune system can prevent infection with the coronavirus.
Through regular training of my team by specialists such as Mrs. Alkozei as a dental hygienist, we guarantee a high level of treatment success and create what drives me in this work (daily): to give people more joy of life, vitality and radiance.
It is important for the entire practice team to contribute to the general health of the population.

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Dr. Ralf Lauenstein

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