Dr. Stefan Schmid, Dentist

Your own teeth for life: preventive and patient-friendly dentistry for a radiant smile that lasts a lifetime....
Our goal at diadentis is to preserve your own teeth for a lifetime. Oral health is an essential building block for this.

In the past, we have already been very successful in the implementation. The patients we care for regularly lose significantly fewer teeth than the average.

True to the guiding principles of the Pankey Institute, which we have adopted for ourselves, it is important to us to care for each patient as an individual person.

Every person is different and has different needs and ideas. We adjust to the patient in everything we do.

The patient should be informed of possible steps and be actively involved in the decision and success through participation in care.

This places the patient's autonomy completely in the foreground. The best possible and comprehensive diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic techniques are applied.

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Dr. Stefan Schmid

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