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Dr. Udo Burbach, dentist

Healthy starts in the mouth - this motto has been the guiding principle for me and my team since the beginning of my dental work. ...
Because no matter how good a restoration ultimately is, there is nothing like having your own healthy tooth in an otherwise intact oral cavity with inflammation-free gums and healthy oral mucosa.
Therefore, prophylaxis was already an important pillar of our activity when the practice was founded in 1996. Saliva diagnostics and microbiological examinations were used to support prophylaxis and periodontitis therapy.
In the course of the last few years, it has become increasingly clear that it is not just "a few teeth" (as one unfortunately still hears today), but that oral health plays an important role in general health.
Thus, the logical consequence is to enter into close contact with physicians from other specialties in order to work together in this network to provide optimal care for the patient.

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