Dentist in the Red Eagle

Dr. Walter Wille-Kollmar, Dentist in the Red Eagle

Established as a dentist for more than 30 years in several countries (Germany, Italy, Austria),
I have now...
finally decided on Innsbruck as my main area of practice. Here I have created a small and fine practice for the individual care of patients in the holistic field. Last but not least, the special attitude of many Tyroleans to attach importance to a healthy body, which is related to the purity of the water, the healthy diet, the mountains and lakes for physical exercise, makes it easy to advocate special dentistry here.
However, numerous patients from near and far abroad also find their way to our practice to be treated holistically and individually.
The interdisciplinary cooperation with many medical doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and international centers for general human health gives our practice a special touch. What I have always wanted - interdisciplinary cooperation among medical professionals - I have been able to realize here in Innsbruck. We strive to treat each patient individually.
As former editor-in-chief of "Dentale Implantologie und Parodontologie" (Flor Verlag, now Spitta Verlag), I passed on information from a journalistic perspective for over ten years. As a consultant and opinion leader for numerous dental companies, I was able to look behind the scenes of many developments and play an active role in shaping them. In particular, the unadulterated transfer of knowledge and experience has always been close to my heart.
As an oral health practitioner, not just a dentist, I see my role as an important link in a new medicine that I fully advocate. The oral microbiome plays a central role in my treatment also in the field of holistic medicine. Great importance is attributed not only to the visible but also to the invisible inflammations in the oral cavity, and here the aMMP-8 analysis provides us with very special services.
Today we know that the oral cavity plays a decisive role not only in the body's immune defense against bacterial and viral infections, but also in cancer prophylaxis. Tooth preservation, healthy mouth, thus also gut microbiome, that is our goal. As an ambassador for Austria, I will be happy to communicate this to the outside world.
Dentistry - the dentist as a doctor for prevention for a long and healthy life.

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Dr. Walter Wille-Kollmar

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Address: Kiebachgasse 3, Ecke Seilergasse 4; 6020 Innsbruck; Austria