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Gerd Volland, Dentist, Prof. Dr. MSc Lasers in Dentistry / Implantology / Oral Surgery

Since the beginning of my practice, the, personal relationship with my patients and their health is the focus of all efforts. ...
The treatment of periodontitis takes the central role.
Through the development and use of innovative gentle methods such as lasers or photothermal therapy, we tried to take away the patients' fear and thus be able to intervene at an early stage.
In parallel, we verify and further develop these procedures within the scope of studies.
The implementation of early diagnosis and prevention has helped us for years, in close consultation with my patients, to prevent direct and indirect consequences of oral inflammation.
In my opinion, the importance of the oral cavity as the first line of the body's immune defense against bacterial or viral infections makes oral health care the decisive factor in prevention.

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