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Dr. Raphael Clemm

Dr. Raphael Clemm dental 21

Dr. Clemm holds a doctorate in dentistry and his mission is oral health: he has not only spent years working on people as a doctor. He has also worked as a consultant for various dental companies and in the management of care centers.

Just as he was about to open his own practice in Munich, a breakfast in Berlin changed his entire plan in one fell swoop: four hours were enough to turn him from a guest into a business partner of dental21. It wasn't just the Dental21 idea that won him over that Sunday - it was above all the credibility of the founders.

He describes the culture based on this as unique in Germany: "The management team is made up of very different characters. But they are all passionate about the same goal: the sustainable improvement of patient care in Germany. And it's more than just some empty phrase. We care about it personally: everything we do, we do to achieve it."

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Dr. Raphael Clemm

Dr. Raphael Clemm

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