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How healthy are your patients' mouths?

Oral health needs prevention and care

The importance of oral health in gynecological practice is often underestimated. Around one in two women between the ages of 35 and 44 is diagnosed with moderate periodontitis - and the trend is rising. Most pregnant women suffer from gingivitis, a preliminary stage on the way to periodontitis. One of the reasons for this is the altered hormone levels.

Menopausal women have an increased risk of developing periodontitis due to their age and hormonal changes. 9 out of 10 do not know that they are affected by periodontitis or underestimate its effects. Numerous international studies have shown links between periodontal disease and

  • bacterial vaginosis
  • Endometriosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fertility in men and women
  • Gestational diabetes and preclampsia
  • Premature births and low birth weight (< 2,500 g)
Possible complications

Is there a need for action?

Yes, on the one hand couples who want to have children, because ...

  • Periodontal diseases can impair conception, as can severe obesity.
  • there is a link between periodontitis and male infertility, e.g. sperm motility.
  • Poor periodontal status prior to in vitro fertilization (IVF) can reduce the success rate.

On the other hand, for pregnant women, because ...

  • moderate periodontitis can increase the risk of premature birth by a factor of 7.5 (compared to a 3-fold increased risk due to alcohol consumption).
  • the risk of an underweight premature baby is up to 7 times higher in pregnant women with severe periodontal disease.

Expanding prevention diagnostics with aMMP-8

If you want to have children, dental hygiene or periodontal treatment can promote fertility and reduce other risks - by a factor of 2.8 to 7.9, depending on the study.
The German Society for Periodontology (DGP) and the German Society for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases (DGZMK) recommend in a joint statement that the periodontal status should be clarified by a specialist dentist if you wish to have children.

As a check-up in the gynecological practice to identify patients at risk of periodontitis, PerioSafe DR is an addition to your prevention program.

With PerioSafe

Advanced diagnostics with PerioSafe

  • Use PerioSafe DR to detect active oral collagen degradation at a reversible stage, i.e. before the gums appear clinically conspicuous
  • PerioSafe DR is particularly suitable for your fertility patients (and their partners)
  • PerioSafe DR is easy to use chairside in the gynecological practice (saliva sample)

Oral health is particularly important for:

  • Patients who wish to have children
  • Patients with recurrent bacterial vaginosis
  • Peri- and postmenopausal patients
  • Patients at risk of osteoporosis
  • All patients who want to do more for their (oral) health as a preventive measure

What to do if the value is high?

In the event of a finding, a referral to a periodontist or specialist dentist for periodontology is advisable as part of an interdisciplinary collaboration. Patients should be informed about the risks of a possibly incipient or manifest chronic periodontal inflammation in connection with their individual health situation.


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