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With proper care and continuous screening, your implants can now stay healthy and inflammation-free for much longer. Doubling the normal lifespan is now possible through new diagnostic procedures and targeted prevention. Here you will find important background information and valuable expert tips - healthy implants for life!

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Dirk-Rolf Gieselmann

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Alzheimer und Parodontitis

Alzheimer's and periodontitis

The dentist recognizes much more than dental diseases Anyone who believes that a visit to the dentist only protects against diseases of the teeth and gums is only grasping part of the possibilities. The dentist can recognize much more. Diseases of the digestive organs...

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Depression und Parodontitis

Depression and periodontitis

Correlation between depression and periodontitis Widespread depression: According to the WHO, around 322 million people suffered from depression in 2015. That's 4.4 percent of the world's population. Ten years earlier, the figure was 18 percent lower. However, the illness does not...

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Eine Parodontitis ist kein Schicksal

Periodontitis is not destiny

Careful oral hygiene is a prerequisite for healthy gums and teeth. If it is neglected, the accumulation of bacterial plaque can lead to gingivitis. As gingivitis is not necessarily painful, the patient may not notice it...

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Herz-Kreislauferkrankungen und Parodontitis

Cardiovascular diseases and periodontitis

Correlations between periodontitis and cardiovascular disease In Germany alone, cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death. Around 40 percent of all deaths are due to cardiovascular disease. One of the biggest risk factors...

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